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Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Davis Monthan Air force base is located in the city of Tucson, in Pima County, Arizona. It is also referred as D-M, and is home to fighter units and other air force support units. The place became a military base in 1925, but its base started at the early days of civil aviation. The base was named in honor of Lieutenants Samuel H. Davis and Oscar Monthan, and World War I era pilots expired in individual military aircraft accidents.

In 1940, the field was selected for expansion. D-M served as an operational training base for B-18 Bolos and B-24 Liberators and towards the end of the war B-29 Superfortresses. With the end of the war the base was selected as a storage area for hundreds of decommissioned aircraft, particularly the excess B-29s and Douglas Dc-3 "Gooney Birds." the area became a perfect destination for aircraft storage and preservation due to its favorable climatic conditions.

D-M popularly known for "the Boneyard" the Areospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, the long-term storage provision for surplus or junk government aircraft. The Base functions as one of the largest aircraft "junkyards" in the world, sitting on 2,650 acres site with over 4,500 military aircraft. The Place comprises of maximum consolidation of aircraft in the world. It is a key US Air Combat Command Aerospace Maintenance And regeneration Center is accountable for more than 5,000 aircraft stored at D-M. The Base is liable for the storage of surplus aircraft from all government individual. Approximately 7,000 military and 1,600 civilian employees work at Davis-Monthan and nearly 14,000 military retirees reside in the Tucson area. The Base has proposed a Trash burning Plant in its budget to recycle trash into burnable energy. The renewed budget has been published September 8,2006.